What is EcoHispánica?

ECOHISPÁNICA was formed in mid-2009 for the development of an innovative system for Municipal Solid Waste Treatment in continuous mode, which was the result of more than six years of research.

Our company is principally engaged in "turnkey" sales of MSW Treatment Plants , its maintenance, and, where feasible, the operation of MSW Plants under our internationally patented proprietary technology. Once treatment is successfully tested, our immediate goal is the power generation and production of syngas, synthetic fuels, and biofuels from the biomass and from processed plastics. Both of them are extracted in an excellent format, and undoubtedly will strengthen our activity in management of MSW Treatment facilities.

ECOHISPÁNICAis a Spanish company that has developed and patented a proprietary system for treatment of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), based on the sterilization of household waste with zero emissions.

Our objective is to maximize the economic and environmental utilization of waste materials in which are usually thrown into the landfill.

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The European Union has warned through various directives that sending waste to landfill is the worst alternative for disposal since it has nothing but a negative impact on the environment. But nonetheless, 70% of the 20 million tons of garbage produced in Spain each year ends up in the landfills; which this is equivalent to 1,500 times the Bernabeu stadium, filled to overflowing.

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